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BSM Model Mk2 Treble Booster, rebuild of 1969 FET Hornby-Skewes Booster (Ritchie Blackmore)

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À propos de cette annonce

BSM is a small German company that carefully builds reissues of vintage Treble Boosters using NOS parts, sometimes with added small mods that add versatility. Although the insides of the pedals are faithful reproductions, BSM uses more practical smaller (and lighter) housings for their units, to meet the wishes of today's players.

About Treble Boosters

In the sixties and seventies, before the invention of overdrive pedals like the Tube Screamer, (treble) boosters were the only way of pushing a guitar amp into overdrive, increasing the tone's dynamics and clarity, especially when using lower output guitar pickups like single coils or PAF style humbuckers. The vast majority of rock bands used these kind of circuits. Famous users are, for example, Brian May, Tony Iommi, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Ritchie Blackmore and Gary Moore.

Although treble boosters became less common from the late seventies onward, they still are a great way of getting the most out of your guitar's and amp's sound, achieving a very natural and dynamic overdrive. Treble boosters are currently becoming rediscovered by many guitarists and the prices of vintage units are going sky high.

Although there are not many parts in a Treble Booster circuit, there are many sound differences between various models. An important reason for these differences are the type of transistors that are used to amplify the sound: they greatly influence the behaviour of the pedal. The great sounding (and hard to find) germanium transistors in the vintage units are one of the reasons these are becoming so sought after and expensive.

What is inside a BSM Booster?

BSM uses only New Old Stock germanium transistors manufactured 30 to 40 years ago in Germany (Valvo, Philips, Tungsram - models OC44 or OC76) exactly like the original Treble Boosters that are much sought after by tone connoisseurs. Other manufacturers often use more commonly available non-original germanium transistors like the AC122, AC128, AC153, 2N508 and NTE102, that are way cheaper.

In addition, BSM carefully selects the OC44 (about 50% are rejected) and OC76 (about 30% are rejected) used in its units. After careful assembly and thorough testing, the circuit is soaked in a ball of resin and allowed to dry for 3 days. This ensures that the circuit will not be subject to outside temperature fluctuations which made the originals notoriously unreliable.

About the BSM Mk2

The BSM Mk2 is a now-discontinued rebuild of the second version of the famous Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster, released in 1969. The first version, released in 1967, used a germanium transistor. The second version though, was equipped with one of the earliest FET's available. The BSM Mk2 includes the same field-effect transistors as the the original 1969 version.

With less gain compared to it's forerunner, the Mk2 provides less distortion but mild and shimmering highs and a whole lot of airy dynamics, reacting very sensitively to the individual playing style of each player.

The Mk2 Treble Booster was designed for single coil or humbucking pickups with a relatively low coil inductance, such as pickups in Fender, Rickenbacker and Gibson guitars. However, BSM added a "FOCUS" control to the original design to make sure that the Mk2 will be compatible to todays modern pickup-palette.

The Mk2 produces (with the volume control of the guitar turned up to the max) a fat, biting and penetrating lead sound, but without any shrill characteristics. By lowering the guitar's volume control, many shades of crunch can be easily dialed in.

About amp settings

The Treble Booster is inserted between guitar and amplifier, not into the FX loop. The magical tone is achieved by the interaction between guitar pickup, treble booster and amplifier.

When a guitar amp's volume is turned up (reaching saturation), the power amp normally begins to mute the highs, which results in a duller sound. At an amp's full tilt, the Mk2 Treble Booster allows a more transparent tone (covering the entire frequency range) to shine through. The presence control on the amp is probably best used minimally, if at all. When vintage-type amps are used (such as the Fender Deluxe, Fender Bassman, Vox AC30, Marshall 100w or Marshall Major) it is amazing what effect the use of a good treble booster has.

Ritchie Blackmore's use of the Mk2 Treble Booster

This was Ritchie Blackmore's favourite booster for small and semi-small stages. You can hear its special sound at the 1971 "Beat Club" shows (songs: No No No & Highway Star) or the 1972 BBC Tapes of the famous radio show.

If you are after Ritchie Blackmore's tone, please note that he used modded Marshall Major 200 heads and played on "÷Beat-club' using the following settings: Presence 0; Bass 5; Middle 5; Treble 6; Volume 6.

About buying this specific pedal, shipping and taxes

The BSM pedals we are offering on Reverb are all new. This specific Model Mk2 is a discontinued NOS pedal. It has been on display in our shop, but is in new condition and will of course be shipped with the original box. Because it is a new item, 21% VAT tax is included in the price. However, if you live outside of the European Union, you don't have to paythese taxes. Please contact us for the exact tax-free price if this is the case.


  • Average output level: 6 dBm
  • Maximum output voltage: 5V, when the strings are struck really hard.
  • "Foc" knob: allows for use with higher output modern pickups.
  • Switching: True bypass when switched off
  • Power: 9V battery, consumption around 400 uA.

Caractéristiques du produit

ÉtatNeuf (neuf)
Le matériel en état « Neuf » n'est vendu que par un vendeur autorisé ou un fabricant et inclut l'emballage d'origine.en savoir plus
  • Allemagne

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