Vox amps rank as some of the most iconic of all time. Founded in the 1950s as JMI LTD., Vox grew in popularity in the '60s with the release of the AC-series amps which were used by The Beatles and countless other British Invasion bands. A who’s who list of artists from Brian May of Queen to Radiohead have used these amps since, cementing Vox's place as one of the core tonal pillars of rock music. Beyond amplification, Vox has delivered a number of celebrated instruments including the Vox Continental organ, the Mark VI “teardrop” and Phantom XII guitars, and the fabled Tone Bender fuzz pedal. More recently, the modern Vox company continues to produce iterations of their classic amps like the AC-15 and AC-30 as well an array of new models and pedals.

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