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Reverb Feedback Bot

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Automate leaving feedback for buyers to save time and effort.

- Save time by letting the Feedback Bot automatically submit feedback for items sold
- Customize your feedback messages to give your Feedback Bot a personal touch
- When you leave your buyers feedback, it encourages them to leave you feedback

Don't let your feedback count stack up! Use the Reverb Feedback Bot to automatically send feedback for items you've sold to buyers. Responses are sent once your items are marked as shipped, picked up or received and gives your buyers 5 stars.

Q: When does the Feedback Bot leave feedback?
A: The Feedback Bot will only auto-respond to orders marked as shipped, picked up or received.

Q: Can the Feedback Bot give less than 5 stars?
A: The Feedback Bot only uses 5 star ratings.

Q: Will Feedback Bot respond to feedback needed before the app was installed?
A: No, Feedback Bot only responds to current orders as they are marked as shipped, picked up or received.


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