MOOG AUDIO is more than a retail store. With a non-elitist approach, we also play an educational role with consumers. We develop strong relationships with them, enabling us to understand their needs and always offer the best option.

MOOG AUDIO range of customer spawns from neophyte to World renowned artists such as Arcade Fire, DJ Champion, etc. Over the years, our customers became partners and we help in achieving their dreams. Since our beginnings, we have supported and funded over 1500 events.

Moog Audio, considered as a pioneer in its field, has done over two hundred commercial installations consisting of a wide range of establishments such as restaurants, boutiques, shops, supermarkets, bars and ski resorts.

MOOG AUDIO success is directly related to its values which are: A first class customer service, a team of high level technical knowledge employees and a catalog of cutting-edge equipment.

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