Trade your gear for money; buy what you want.

Here at Reverb, we do not officially sanction straight trades through our site. There are several reasons for this which are detailed in this blog post. As such, we don't allow listings that solicit trades in their title or description.

Instead of trading, we suggest simply selling your excess gear and using those funds to purchase anything you want. If you do wish to attempt a more traditional trade, we recommend still thinking of this as two separate transactions and going about it this way:

LIST the item you want to trade from your computer or Reverb app.

CONTACT the seller with a Reverb link to your item.

MAKE OFFERS on each other's items once the details are worked out.

Once the offers are accepted, one party can use the normal checkout process to complete an order. Once those funds are received, the second party can proceed with purchasing the other side of the transaction. Please note that your offers must be for the actual value of the items involved in the trade.

Trading without exchanging funds leaves both parties unprotected. Using the above method will ensure buyer/seller protection in the event there is anything wrong with the item or shipping. This will also help keep track of your orders, tracking number, and messages on the site. Please note that if funds are not exchanged on both sides of your trade, you are trading at your own risk, as Reverb will have no course of action to pursue in the event of a dispute.

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