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Kurzweil P/RAM (PRAM) EXPANSION for K2000 or K2000R

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Tested and working, this is a used P/RAM Expansion for your K2000 series keyboard or K2000R series rack unit. The necessary wires and brackets are included too, but no installation instructions. This board should be installed by a service center, because soldering of the 2 wires onto your Engine board is required. Obviously, we are not responsible for any damage done to your synthesizer or to the P/RAM expansion itself if you decide to do this installation yourself (which is not recommended unless you are very good at fine soldering onto a circuit board). The green wire needs to be soldered to node C15 and the white wire to node D1. Once that is done and the board is plugged into its expansion slot, your synthesizer will recognize it automatically. NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM. Note that the shipping price includes full insurance against loss or damage by the USPS. Note: My personal stock image is shown in this listing.
Description from manufacturer:
The K2000 series P/RAM expansion increases the amount of battery backed RAM in the instrument from the stock 120 Kb to 760 Kb. PRAM is used for saving objects such as programs, setups, QA banks, and sequences. In fact, everything that can be named and saved goes into the battery backed RAM except for the actual recorded sample data (which goes into sample memory).
International buyers: please note that I must declare the full value so that the shipping insurance remains valid. (Please don't ask me to commit customs fraud of any kind.)

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