• Downsizing: Find The Perfect Small Or Mid-Size Drum Kit

    Published Mar 30, 2015 by Jon Leganski

    These tips will help you whittle down your drum kit to its lean, mean essentials in a way that still fits your style.

  • How’d They Get That Sound? Part III: More Famous Studio Tricks (That You Can Try)

    Published Mar 26, 2015 by Lou Carlozo

    It’s easy to think that the big studios, with their armies of assistants and gobs of gear, have the market cornered on getting the most innovative sounds around.However, it’s entirely possible that once you know how a legendary sound was achieved, you can go for it in your home studio. Will it sound exactly the same? Doubtful. But can you out your own stamp on it, be it trashy or sassy? You bet.

  • Reverb's Top Five Signature Snare Drums

    Published Mar 24, 2015 by Matt Biancardi

    A lot of signature snares on the market equate to an extra couple hundred bucks for a name on your shell. We picked our five favorite snares bringing all killer and no filler to your set.

  • Dave's Corner: The Case For Player Grade Vintage

    Published Mar 23, 2015 by Dave Hunter

    We all would love to own an all original vintage guitar. And while it's easy to lambaste whoever modified or refinished a classic instrument, often those very changes are the only thing that put the piece anywhere near our grasp as normal players.

  • A Power Tube Primer

    Published Mar 20, 2015 by Jeremie Murfin

    This quick guide breaks down the characteristic tones of the four most common types of power tubes found in today's amps.

  • Reverb's Guide to Drumheads

    Published Mar 19, 2015 by Matt Biancardi

    Drumheads are some of the most noble and durable pieces of gear out there, taking beating after beating. If you treat them right, they consistently sing your praises and never fail to serve up just the timbre you want on a kit. Armed with the right set of heads, that battered set of shells in the corner of your basement can sound like a pristine set reserved for high-end studio time.

  • Reverb's Favorite Chorus Pedals

    Published Mar 17, 2015 by Peter Schu

    We take a look at nine pedals and one amp (you can guess which one) that represent our favorites among the vast landscape of chorus effects.

  • Which Synth Was It? A Closer Look at 5 Classic Tracks

    Published Mar 16, 2015 by Dan Orkin

    One of the beautiful things about a great synth is the flexibility of sounds it can create. Going as far back as the earliest consoles and Bob Moog creations, the wealth of knobs and patchable inputs invited any player - no matter how experienced - to craft a totally unique sound with each stop behind the station.

  • Reverb Spotlight: Duesenberg Guitars

    Published Mar 12, 2015 by Dan Orkin

    We take a closer looks at several of the most popular Duesenberg models as well as their new showroom in Fullerton, CA.

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