• Mystery Box Challenge with Mark Guiliana & Jonathan Maron

    Published Jul 31, 2015 by Dan Orkin

    Mark Guiliana and Jonathan Maron team up to explore a spacey set of noises all centering on a Roland TR-8 Rhythm Explorer in the third installment of our ongoing Mystery Box Challenge series.

  • Drum Tricks with Mark Guiliana: Making Acoustic Drums Sound Electronic

    Published Jul 28, 2015 by Matt Biancardi

    Mark Guiliana is a revered drummer, teacher, composer, and sonic magic man. We had the beat powerhouse stop by our studio to show us some tricks on how to turn a minimal acoustic drum set-up into an electronic drum machine. Check out the video.

  • Cleaning Up Your Pedalboard with MIDI

    Published Jul 28, 2015 by Michael Peñate

    Taking your first steps towards MIDI control can be intimidating. There are a whole lot of manuals, menus, submenus, and customization that can drive you up the wall. But it’s getting easier. et’s take a quick look at some of the benefits to help you decide if this kind of technology is right for your rig.

  • In Memoriam: Drum Legend Vic Firth

    Published Jul 28, 2015 by Matt Biancardi

    On Sunday, 26 July, the drum world lost one of its greatest innovators and most established names: Vic Firth. A behemoth of the industry, Firth not only crafted some of the most iconic drumsticks in production, but was also an unparalleled performer and teacher.

  • Dave's Corner: Six Totally Crazy Effects Part II

    Published Jul 24, 2015 by Dave Hunter

    In Part II of Six Totally Crazy Effects, Dave looks at more ground-breaking, otherworldly and flat-out bizarre gizmos that broken new ground in the world of guitar tone.

  • Learn To Play: Riffs In The Key Of Frank Zappa

    Published Jul 23, 2015 by Dan Orkin

    In this video lesson, Joe looks at three meat-and-potatoes Zappa-esque riffs to give just a brief introduction to his varied style. Take a look at the lesson to master some Zappa basics. Then explore his discography with a new perspective of how his core guitar skill finds its way into even his most elaborate arrangements.

  • Tips For Moving An Instrument Collection

    Published Jul 22, 2015 by James M Brill

    Moving can be both an absolute high and a depressing low. Here are some tips for moving your collection as painless and broken-neck-free as possible.

  • The Gear of Four Jazz Greats

    Published Jul 21, 2015 by Brandon Seyferth

    When it comes to examining, reviewing and obsessing over music gear, jazz players are usually underrepresented when compared to rock, pop and electronic musicians. But that certainly doesn't mean the sounds achieved by the jazz greats players are any less deserving of exploration.

  • Reverb Picks: Budget Snare Drums

    Published Jul 20, 2015 by Matt Biancardi

    With the new guard of drum companies producing quality products at cost-effective price points, incorporating boutique into your kit no longer costs an arm and a leg. We took a look at some of the best boutique-style snare drums with a budget price tag.

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