• Reverb Soundcheck: Inside Electrical Audio

    Published Apr 21, 2015 by Jim Tuerk

    Take an inside look at Electrical Audio, the famous Chicago Studio operated by Steve Albini and Greg Norman.

  • Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part II

    Published Apr 21, 2015

    Confused about who does what in the world of high-end hand-made guitar amplifiers? Welcome to the second installment of Reverb's “Boutique Amp Guide”, an ongoing series that sheds some light on the strengths and characteristics of the leading tube-tone artisans.

  • Banjo Basics for Guitarists: Five Tips for Five String Success

    Published Apr 20, 2015 by Steve Danielsson

    Want to pick up a new instrument? Here are some tips for kicking off into the world of the five string banjo.

  • Inside Marshall's The Guv'nor with Analog Mike

    Published Apr 17, 2015 by Analog Mike Piera

    Analog Mike explains the ins and outs of the lost classic Marshall The Guv'nor overdrive. Mike explains the circuitry and what makes these such unique and interesting overdrives.

  • How to Record A Saxophone

    Published Apr 16, 2015 by Dan Orkin

    Recording a cab, combo or acoustic might be familiar territory. But when it comes to capturing the organic sound of wind instruments like a sax, the game changes. These tips will help you dial in the right levels.

  • Reverb Quiz: How Well Do You Know Microphones?

    Published Apr 15, 2015

    Fancy yourself as a recording gear guru? Put your knowledge of studio and live microphones to the test with this quiz. See how many of these 10 mics you can correctly identify.

  • The '60s Sounds of the SolidGoldFX Surf Rider III

    Published Apr 14, 2015

    Today, amid countless options for stompbox Reverb solutions, the revamped Surf Rider III from SolidGoldFX captures the old school surf reverb sounds of the sixties, along with a healthy smattering of more modern sounds. As Jim demonstrates in the above video, this pedal has no lack of surfy goodness in store, from subtle space to totally cascading soundscape.

  • 5 Easy Guitar Mods You Can Pull Off at Home

    Published Apr 13, 2015 by Freya Wilcox

    Get the most out of your tone with these five simple DIY guitar mods. From shielding to upgrading saddles and nuts, coil-splitting to control mods – if you've got a screwdriver, a soldering iron and a search engine, this article can help get you started on your first at-home guitar modification.

  • Are Your Guitar Solos Too Long?

    Published Apr 08, 2015 by Shawn Persinger

    Short answer, “Yes.” Long answer, “Maybe. It depends.” More important than coming up with a conclusive answer though is the question itself. My guess is most players haven’t asked themselves such a question. Or if they have, the matter was filled with doubt, misgivings and insecurities about their playing, rather than a desire to express themselves more succinctly.

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