Reverb Bump

Sell your listings faster

Feature Your Listings with Reverb Bump

As the number of items being posted on Reverb has grown, we've heard many sellers asking for ways to promote their listings. Now with the option to pay for Bumps, any seller on Reverb can bump their listings to get more exposure.

Reverb Bump features your listings on the top of the page

Bumped listings are displayed at the top of many pages on Reverb:

How Bumps Work

Bump costs are based on the number of times a listing is shown in one of the featured slots. One Bump is counted each time your listing gets additional exposure by showing up in a featured slot.

Only pay if your listing sells

Bump costs are simple. You don't pay for Bumps unless your listing sells on Reverb. No monthly fees, no commitments, no surprises.

Only pay for what you use

You're charged a prorated amount based on how many Bumps are actually used. If your budget was 1,000 Bumps but your listings sold after only 250 Bumps, you'd only owe 1/4 of the $4.00 or $1.00.

See How Paying for Bumps Works

Here's an example of a listing using Bumps

250 of 1,000 Bumps
$1 of $4 budget

Total Owed for Reverb Bumps: $1.00

Priced for your Needs

It's a fact that more expensive items take longer to sell. Because we want Bump to stay effective for you, we've optimized the number of Bumps you buy to better match up with the time it takes to sell. If it sells quick, you'll still only pay for what you use.

Pricing for Reverb Bumps is based on listing price:

  • Under $250
  • 1000 Bumps
  • $4
  • That's just $0.004 per Bump!
  • $250-$800
  • 1250 Bumps
  • $8
  • That's just $0.006 per Bump!
  • $800-$3,000
  • 2500 Bumps
  • $16
  • That's just $0.006 per Bump!
  • $3,000 and Up
  • 5000 Bumps
  • $32
  • That's just $0.006 per Bump!

Discounts are available for Reverb Preferred Sellers.

Get Your Listing Bumped for Free

The Reverb staff occasionally bumps listings for free. Here's our criteria.

Cool Gear

Unique gear, classic gear, one-of-a-kind handmade gear, and just plain cool stuff will often catch the eye of our curators.

Good Photos

It's important that featured listings have high-quality, well-lit photos that give an accurate representation of the item.

Good Descriptions

In-depth and nicely formatted descriptions can catch a potential buyer's attention and prevent them from quickly moving on.


We're all about helping people find good deals. When items are priced well, we're that much more likely to promote them.