Gibson Offers $59,000 For Its Lost Burst-Year Ledger

When trying to determine "How Many Les Paul 'Bursts' Did Gibson Really Make?," any historian will run into a problem: The 1959–1960 ledger, which details the company's shipped orders from that crucial time period, is missing.

Yesterday, Gibson announced that it would cough up some serious reward money—to the tune of $59,000—for anyone who can safely return the missing ledger.

Presumed to have been lost when Gibson moved from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee, Gibson writes, "The 1959-1960 Gibson shipping ledger has been missing from Gibson’s archives for at least thirty years."

For anyone who thinks they might have eyes on the historic document, Gibson asks that you send an email validation request to Full submission details can be viewed on Gibson's announcement post here.

In addition to the 1959–1960 shipping ledger, Gibson is also asking for help recovering other "pre-1970 Gibson documents, ledger books, blueprints, and unique Gibson assets which are historically important and relevant." These too may be rewarded with cash or other tokens of appreciation.

Think you have something good? Head over to Gibson's site here.

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