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Automate the bumping of your listings as they are published to sell gear faster

- Ensure your listings get the maximum exposure and sell quickly
- Eliminate the need to bump each listing yourself
- Auto-Bump based on own rules for listing price, category, and condition

Description: The Auto-Bump app puts the bumping of your listings on auto-pilot using rules that you create. That way, you can sit back, relax, and let Bump increase your sales on Reverb. You’ll no longer need to remember to bump listings as you publish them. Create your rules for which listings to bump by setting a listing price range, choosing a category, and choosing a condition. Then, watch your listings get more exposure and sell more quickly. Remember, you only pay for the bumps you use and you only pay if a bumped listings sells.

Q: Does the Auto-Bump app retroactively bump listings that I've already published?
A: No, the app only automatically bumps newly published listings at this time.

Q: How many bumps does the Auto-Bump budget for each listing?
A: The app sets up a budget based on the listings price. Budgets range from 1000 Bumps at a rate of $0.004 USD per Bump to $0.006 USD per Bump.

Q: Will the Auto-Bump app re-bump listings it bumps that have used their entire budget?
A: If the rule is configured to do so, then the rule will auto-bump any listings it matches that run out of bumps. This can be configured both during rule creation and by editing an existing rule.

Q: When do I pay for bumps?
A: You only pay for the bumps you’ve used and you only pay if a bumped listing sells! You are billed for bumps at the end of the month that a bumped listing sells in.