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  • Fender Concert Amp  1964 Blackface image

    Fender Concert Amp 1964 Blackface


    This is an incredibly clean, perfectly operational 60s Concert Amp. The filter capacitors and bias cap have been replaced....

Fender Concert Amp 1964 Blackface

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The Fender Concert amp was a 2-channel, 4 by 10-inch combo with onboard vibrato. This amp's circuitry is very similar to that of the Vibrasonic but features a different tube complement. In its first year, the tolex used on the Concert amp changed somewhat: originally the brown had a pinkish tint, before switching to a darker shade of brown by 1961. After 1963, this amp used Fender's Blackface cabinet style. 

Years of Production: 
1960 - 1965

Features: 40-watts, 4 by 10-inch speakers, eight  control knobs, vibrato

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