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With the Reverb app, you'll have thousands of listings right at your fingertips.

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Negotiate with sellers to snag great deals

Negotiate with sellers
to snag great deals.

Find that special piece that you're in love with but the price is a bit of a stretch? Just make the seller an offer to see if they're willing to move on the price. Grow your collection without breaking the budget.

Easily snap photos and create
listings using your phone.

Have old gear sitting around? Turn it into cash by listing it on the marketplace right from the app. Snap great photos with our in-app guide, add a description, and list your gear for sale. It's that simple.

Taking photos with the Reverb App

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Purchase awesome gear
right on your phone.

See detailed shots of gear, dig into the specs, and make purchases all on the app. Or save things you want and come back to buy them later.

What's new in Version 2.0

You know our menu that was hidden off to the side of the app? Now it’s on the bottom. BOOM! *drops the mic*

*picks the mic back up* Okay, we improved a lot of other stuff, too:

  • New design! We’ve cleaned up our act and made everything easier to get to, giving the app a few whacks with the pretty stick while we were at it. We need your feedback like the sunshine. Email us what you think.
  • When browsing gear, if you want to swipe to a new curated category, you can now perform said swipe ANYWHERE on the screen, not just in that one, tiny, unswipeable bar.
  • Selling is now noticeably quicker. What used to be five screens of scrolling and tapping is now a svelte two pages of get-it-done. I know you’ve got a chorus pedal under your bed you haven't used in eight years. Just sayin’.