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This Gibson Flying V has sold. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:

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What can I say about this beast? Its not a beauty queen, but it is an attention grabbing SOB. I personally played this guitar at three gigs and loved every second of it. Every gig I played, someone commented on how cool it was to see a Flying V on stage.
They are an icon of rock and roll coolness. Be bold! Play a "V"!
It  was set up professionally by Guitar Center about 6 months ago and plays like a dream. Great action, low fret wear, no breaks or cracks. 
According to Gibson Spec Sheet these are 496R and 500T pickups. 
Im just going to say it, Guitar Center gets $799 for a cherry faded V.
Have you felt the necks on those? OMG! Get an original non economy model will ya!
Those faded necks feel nowhere near as nice as these! Yeah, its used. So is the guitar you are playing right now! Big deal! This is a great piece!
There are nicks and scratches consistent with being a "go to" guitar for a gigging player but there are no signs of structural damage or abuse. 
Dont waste your money on an Epi or a "faded", Get the real deal.
This guitar will ship in its original Gibson brown Flying V case. 
Freakin awesome.

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Flying V
Made In:
United States

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OverDrive Nation
Joined Reverb: Apr 02, 2013
Austin, TX

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  • $565 + $50 Shipping

  • This listing sold on 6/19/2013

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