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Item: Fender Newporter Acoustic Guitar
Manufacture: USA
Year: 1965
Condition: Used/relic

Description: A made in USA Fender Newporter guitar from 1965. Exposed areas show general playwear throughout with various nicks, dings and scratches. Features original vintage Kluson double line tuners, frets are in  good condition with some light grooving in the root chord position, fretboard shows some light wear in the root chord position but is otherwise in very good shape, back of neck has original finish worn down to wood and is very smooth feeling. Bridge needs repair as it is lifting - playable as is but action is rather high as you go down the neck. Great for someone with repair skills or if you are mostly a chord player. Great tone and volume form the aged vintage wood. No case but will be well packaged for the journey. This could be shipped internationally with the neck removed for a smaller package and lower ship cost. Sold as is - for repair.

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Made In:
United States

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Carlsbad Guitars
Joined Reverb: Mar 26, 2013
Encinitas, CA

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