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This Martin D-18 has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:

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This is a beautiful all original 1966 Martin D-18. I recently bought it from the second owner and decided it wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for in a vintage guitar, but it's a pretty awesome geetar none the less.

Not mint, honest play wear, bumps and scratches. 

No cracks on top, back, or sides. The top does have seam separation along the joint--really just shows how well these were made, perfectly book matched spruce top. The top separation is not a crack per se, it does not demand a repair, but could be sealed up for long term reassurance and stability at the discretion of the buyer. I understand that resealing the top would be considered a minor (and also not cost that much) repair to a skilled luthier. 

There is a hairline finish crack on the back of the headstock--I am calling it a finish crack based on info from the previous owner, agreement from a luthier I had look at it today, and the fact that it has absolutely zero tuning issues--stays in tune like a pro and sounds beaut. 

No neck reset and does not need one--action is wonderfully low and plays like a dream. 

1966 is the transition year so it's got a black body binding with the original tortoise pick guard. Also featured in 1966 was...brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge!

More pictures, serial no, and in hand description can be provided for serious know if you are one. 

I pack extremely well and ship UPS or FedEx with insurance and tracking. But local pickup in NYC will save you the shipping cost and I'll even knock off a little bit more $. 

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