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This Ampeg Ampeg SVT-50-DL Electric Bass Guitar Cabinet Project has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:
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This is the Ampeg SVT-50-DL Electric Bass Guitar Cabinet Project. Most of you know that Ampeg was bought out a few years back by Loud Tech and all production moved overseas. The chances Ampeg USA ever happening again is slim to none. That has made the original SLM Ampegs highly sought after by players. The SVT50DL was made for a short time in the 90's. Two front facing 10" speakers complimented the dual 15" speakers facing each other created a thunderous tone with exceptional clarity. Someone has removed the rear facing 15" speaker here- thereby make the speakers all forward facing and putting the full range impedance at 8 ohms. The sound here is huge- deep lows and cutting high end mids. This cabinet is in very good condition. The mounts are still here for the rear facing 15" should you want to restore the cab to original. This is your chance to get your hands on a work of art from Ampeg USA. 

Product Specs

Ampeg SVT-50-DL Electric Bass Guitar Cabinet Project
Bass Cabinets
Made In:
United States

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Joined Reverb: Jun 27, 2013
Hicksville, NY

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