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A great running start so you can custom design your own Cigar Box Guitar.

Guitar Neck and Box with Fret Board & Complete Box Kit!

Remember, there’s a musician in all of us.

Cigar Box Guitar Hard Maple Neck with Walnut Fret Board, Nut and Bridge for a 3-string guitar. Our kit also comes with the Cadillac of cigar boxes -- Padron!

We don't use paper or cardboard boxes; after all, whoever heard of a cardboard guitar!!

Nut slot has been cut and comes with a 1/4" all thread Brass Nut. Also, all fret slots have been cut for a 25 1/2” scale. Neck, made of Hard Maple, is 35” long  Back edges of neck have been rounded up to the 18th fret. All tuning keys have been installed!

All our necks and Fret boards are finished with 220 fine grit sandpaper so they are smooth as a baby to your touch!!

Ready to be stained or finished to your own specifications.

We do the hard work; you get the credit & admiration of your friends and family.

Frets are NOT glued, they are machine cut with a Stewart-MacDonald saw blade, and Hand installed one at a time.

As for plans for the kits, we do not provide them because there are so many ways to finish the guitars. We let you work within your imagination to design the guitar you want! We suggest that you go to YouTube “Cigar Box Guitars” or go to the websites we provide on the thank you letter that came with the kit.

The best part is YOU build it.

Call Willis at 301-447-6962 or 301-676-1406 from 8 am to 8 pm for more information.

Kit Comes With:

  • 1 Padron all wood Box

    •  1 Hard maple neck, 35" with walnut fret board

    •  1 neck Brass nut, 1/4" all thread rod

    •  1 Red Oak Hardwood Bridge (2 ½” x 1 ½" x ¼”)

    •  1 Brass Rod (3/16” x 2 ¼”)

    •  3 tuners with screws and bushings

    •  4 Brass sound holes

    •  6 guitar strings, Musician's Gear 80/20 Bronze Acoustic, 13-17-26-35-46-56 (you choose which 3 to use)

    • 1 Disk Piezo Pick with 1/4 " Jack

    • We reserve the right, without prior notice to make minor changes for quality purposes

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Catoctin Mountain Music
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United States

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Catoctin Mountain Music
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Emmitsburg, MD

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  • This listing sold on 10/21/2013

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