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Vintage 1930s Lark 3 F Hole Acoustic Guitar Great Condition Rare Vega SS Stewart Extremely Rare

Up for sale we have a Vintage 1930s Lark Acoustic Guitar. As you can see the Lark is in very good condition for its age. About 70+ years old. Its amazing this is still kicking let alone in great shape, complete and original. It’s been played over the years and its recently had a professional neck set. There are some worn in spots and various nicks: Some in the body, some in the corners of the back - here and there. Please comb over the pictures to make sure this is the guitar for you. Its vintage folks! Antique actually!

Its worn but I think it looks amazing like this. Its the  real deal folks and you can totally play this guy. It’s sturdy, thick and feels really nice in your hands. The tone is incredible, pretty much what these Larks are known for. Action is low and comfortable good neck angle and its very loud! Please let me know if I can be assistance with any questions you may have! thanks for looking~!

Dimensions 41 1/2 X 15 X 4 1/2

Product Specs

Very good
Made In:
United States

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Zap Banana Music
Joined Reverb: May 23, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

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