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This Tape Echo Echoplex has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:

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There is nothing like the superb sound of a tape echo running properly.  On the contrast, the opposite is true or a unit that is in need of TLC.  I provide Echoplex, Space Echo repairs to fit your needs and budget.  Let's talk about the issues you are having and I can give you an estimate that fits your budget, achieves your desired results and gives you back a smooth running and fantastic sounding Tape Echo.  Prices fluctuate depending on the scope of work and parts involved and parts needed. All echo units will have all electrolytic caps replaced, new belts on EP's with a motor tilt adjustment, metering of complete circuit, echo bias added, lithium grease added to capstan connection, pinch rollers cleaned, adjusted and more.  When completed, I will both make a video demo to your specifications so you can see and hear the results.  I will also send all replaced components with your newly serviced tape echo. Space echoes could require change out of transistors, power caps, motor bearings, and etc.  Please contact me for units services, packaging instructions, pricing, parts and labor and other details.  I want you to be happy and stoked when you receive your echo.  60 Day Warranty for parts and labor.  Service is in Los Angeles.  If you need a cosmetic refurbish, I am able to salvage many units that are "eye sores" for an additional fee.

I now have a limited supply of Nortronics SS Erase.Record and Playback heads, OEM Universal Motor, knobs, boards, and other items that would be great for restoration...Ask me.


Product Specs

Tape Echo
Delay, Vintage (pre-1980)
Made In:
United States

About The Seller

The GAS Station
Joined Reverb: Apr 13, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money order

Once received, we will discuss my diagnosis and both your needs and budget. Payment due before item is completed and shipped.

Shipping Policy

  • Ships from Phoenix, AZ
  • $40.00 to United States

USPS Parcel Post, Insured, Confirmation and tracking number. This is for return shipping only. Please contact me about shipping units to me for repair.

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