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This AUDIOZONE Model 24 has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:

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AUDIOZONE 31st anniversary sale now in progress.

Regular price is $700.00 Sale price is $500.00

New, made in U.S.A., twelve watt tube amp with one 12ax7, one 12at7. and two EL-84 power amp tubes.

AUDIOZONE  amps are tested for output power with a 1khz @ 20mv input signal with all controls set to 100%.

Two inputs with gain, volume, treble, mid, and bass controls, power, standby, and lamp all on the front panel. Two speaker outputs wired parallel with selector for 8 or 16 ohm and a fuse holder on the back panel.

Electro-harmonix tubes, hammond power transformer, and custom made heyboer output transformer. The amp is built on one of our custom made aluminum chassis and mounted in one of our dado jointed Baltic birch cabinets.

The circuit has one gain stage on the 12ax7, and one gain stage and a split load driver on the 12at7. The EL-84 power amp tubes are cathode biased. 

The 12ax7 has an unused gain stage that could be connected into the circuit by someone who knows what they are doing. It could be used to give the amp more volume or more distortion, an effects loop, a tube driven line out, or a tremolo.

more videos on youtube, search for audiozone model 23

One year warranty, 90 days on tubes, 30 day trial period. Buyer pays all shipping.




Product Specs

Brand New
Model 24
Guitar Heads, Boutique Amps
Made In:
United States

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Nevada, IA

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  • Joined Reverb: Jul 03, 2013
    Nevada, IA

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