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Used no more than 10hrs total, like new w/ original box, manuals, sample discs & also comes with 4-5 disc that can be recorded over!

VS-840GX: Digital Studio Workstation

With the VS-840GX Digital Studio Workstation, Roland breaks the price/performance barrier in affordable digital recording. This tabletop studio starts by integrating a 8-track digital recorder, effects processor, digital mixer, and extensive editing system with 999 levels of Undo. It then adds more of the features that guitarists, songwriters and home recordists want—like twice the amount of Virtual Tracks, new COSM™ Speaker Modeling technology, .WAV file conversion, and new JamTracks.

  • 8-track digital studio workstation with internal Zip250 drive
  • 4-track simultaneous record, 128 Virtual Tracks, random access operation, 999 levels of Undo for creative workspace and editing freedom
  • Onboard digital stereo effects with studio reverb, delay, chorus, multi-effects, etc.
  • Guitar-friendly operation with COSM-modeled Guitar Amps, Bass Simulator and onboard tuner
  • COSM Speaker Modeling simulates a variety of popular reference speakers using Roland DS-Series monitors
  • PC-compatible - converts audio to .WAV file format
  • Additional Zip disk featuring JamTracks for playing along and composing
  • Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilties can be found in the BOSS BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studios.

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