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This is a custom built Strat-style electric, with a completely hand-made neck and body made by Kevin Swaim of Swaim Guitar Works. The pickups are wound by hand, and have a great vintage tone. You can see in the pictures the finish is a bit faded on the top and has a fair amount of weather checking (its an all-nitrocellulose finish) but I think it only adds to the vibe. Comes with a soft bag. The robot decal can be removed if desired (not recommended, as it is awesome).

Product Specs

Swaim Guitar Works
Surf Green
Solid Body
Made In:
United States

About The Seller

Joined Reverb: Nov 15, 2012
Chicago, IL

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  • $25.00 to United States

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  • $400 + $25 Shipping

  • This listing sold on 1/13/2013

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