• Parlor Guitar Revival

    Published Nov 24 by Peter Schu

    Learn about the history of parlor guitars, the reasons for their recent resurgence and check out a few modern interpretations.

  • Drum Hacks 101

    Published Nov 24 by Matt Biancardi

    It's hard out here for a drummer. Or, more to the point, it’s expensive out here for a drummer. Expanding your sound doesn’t have to include a second mortgage or gambling debt. A number of cheap, effective methods for producing the most out of your kit are up for grabs and waiting for you to give them a go.

  • Choosing Your First Drum Set

    Published Nov 20 by Sam Werk

    Whether the drums are for you or someone else, we help you look for the right things and choose the kit that fits.

  • Five Hot Vintage Amplifiers: Underdog Amps Lighting Up the Used Market

    Published Nov 20 by Dan Orkin

  • Demystifying the Laptop: A Look at the World's Most Popular DJ Software

    Published Nov 18 by Lech Szczepaniak

    These days, if you go to a show at an arena, the gear on stage sits behind a stackable table, with endless knobs, dials and wires flowing from every direction. And in the center of all the gadgets, floating above the table as the only device in plain view, lies the brain of it all, a glowing Laptop. Today, we're going to help demystify the laptop and understand its function within a DJ setup

  • ES-335 Alternatives: Thirteen Under $1300

    Published Nov 17 by Peter Schu

    There's good reason why the Gibson ES-335 is widely imitated. It's an icon, a triumph of design and financially out of reach for many players. See what alternatives we picked, from Japanese vintage to modern day, and which ones defied our expectations. Remember, 335 purists: imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  • Gifts for Beginner Drummers

    Published Nov 14 by Ben Scholz

    Need to find a gift for a young percussionist? We've got you covered with tips on great stocking stuffers and more.

  • Crazy Hard Guitar Trivia

    Published Nov 13

    We're done toying around. It's time to really put your guitar knowledge to the test. Take this quiz to see where you stand as a true guitar guru.

  • Tips for Buying Used Pickups: The Experts Weigh In

    Published Nov 12 by James M. Brill

    Pickups offer so much potential when looking to mod your electric guitar. They are relatively easy to replace, and from studying the specs of various models, you can have a reasonable expectation of the tone that you are going to achieve. To get a good set of tips on what to think about when buying used pickups, we interviewed two true experts: Lindy Fralin and Frank Falbo.

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