• Inside Rick Nielsen's Guitar Vault

    Published Feb 25

    It's no mystery the Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen is one seriously obsessive guitar collector. A walk through Rick's vault is a walk through a museum of some of the most iconic and important guitars of all time. From vintage Gibsons to lapsteels and shredders, there's hardly a type of guitar that can't be found somewhere in the vault.

  • Reverb Interview: Ryan Baucom of Tapestry Audio

    Published Feb 24 by Matt Biancardi

    If delays and tremolos are no strangers to your pedalboard, then you’re no stranger to the fact getting these effects to sync up perfectly can be one of the most aggravating parts of playing live. The maverick minds of Tapestry Audio confronted this issue and created a solution: a pedal to synchronize effects with a universal BPM.

  • Starter Synths: 5 Analog Options Under $500

    Published Feb 23 by Grant Winship

    Over the past few years there has been a renaissance among synth-makers, with manufacturers turning out a bevy of brilliant new designs that pair a warm, vintage sound with modern conveniences like MIDI, presets, and USB connections - all at a previously unheard of price point. If you’re looking to make the leap into analog synthesis, there’s never been a better time, and we've put together this guide with the best starter synth options.

  • Potent Pairings Part II: Recreating 6 Classic Rigs with Pedals

    Published Feb 20 by Michael Powers

    In the first edition of Potent Pairings, we looked at five more modern rigs and some creative pedal substitutions you can put to work. We heard plenty of comments asking us to take the same approach to classic rigs, so let’s go back 50 years and see how we can replicate those classic tones with the latest modern gear.

  • Choosing an Overdrive: A Basic Guide to OD Options

    Published Feb 18 by Christopher Kareska

    Overdrive is the warm, natural distortion that comes from pushing the tubes to break up with the gain and volume controls. There are plenty of great pedals that fall under the umbrella term of OD and this guide is intended to help you sort through all that’s out there.

  • How'd They Get That Sound? Part II: The Gear Behind Three More Distinctive Records

    Published Feb 16 by Brandon Seyferth

    Today, we're investigating three more albums with absolutely unique sounds and textures. Who knows, maybe these examples can provide a jumping-off point in your search for the right gear for your next recording.

  • Reverb Soundcheck: Kaki King

    Published Feb 16 by Peter Schu

    No one has done more to push the potential of acoustic guitar (and solo live performance) in the last decade than Kaki King. Her newest LP, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, releases on March 15 and is a companion to a multi-media performance we were fortunate enough to witness at Chicago's Lincoln Hall.

  • Building a Better Board: Holeyboards by Chemistry Design Werks

    Published Feb 11 by Peter Schu

    While we all love our stompbox collections, no one loves dealing with pedals that won't stay in place. Chris Trifilio decided he didn't want to deal with either of those things. He began building Holeyboards, multi-tiered perforated pedalboards that use zip ties in lieu of velcro and rethink how a board should be built.

  • Find Your Match on Reverb

    Published Feb 11

    Here at Reverb, we love nothing more than helping musicians find their dream gear. Take a look at just a few ways we can help you find your dream gear.

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